1. The Council is responsible for overseeing the administration of the legal aid services provided by LAD and LAD is accountable to the Council for the provision of such services.

  2. The Council may -
    • subject to (3) and (5), formulate policies governing the provision of services by LAD and give advice on the policy direction of LAD;
    • review the work of LAD from time to time and make such arrangements as are expedient and proper to ensure the efficient and economical discharge of the functions and provision of legal aid services by LAD;
    • keep under review the services provided by LAD and the plans for development of LAD; and
    • consider and advise on the estimates of expenditure of LAD.

  3. The Council shall not have the power to direct LAD on staff matters and the handling of individual cases by LAD.

  4. LAD shall, subject to (3) and (5), provide such information as is reasonably requested by the Council.

  5. The Council is the Chief Executive's advisory body on the policy of the Government concerning publicly funded legal aid services provided by LAD and shall advise on -
    • the eligibility criteria, scope of services, mode of service delivery, future plans for improvements, funding requirements and future development of legal aid policy;
    • the feasibility and desirability of the establishment of an independent legal aid authority; and
    • any other aspect of legal aid which the Chief Executive may from time to time refer to the Council.

  6. The Council shall not be regarded as an agent or servant of the Government.

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